Coronavirus lockdown: 30 steps government should take to ease the suffering of the poorest Indians

The spread of the coronavirus and the unplanned lockdowns have created economic havoc in the lives of the millions who are part of the informal sector – not just daily wagers, but also workers of the gig economy. According to the Employment-Unemployment Survey, 2015-’16, over 80% of India’s workforce is employed in the informal sector. One-third are casual laborers.

Food and agriculture during a pandemic: Managing the consequences

A critical fallout of the lockdown following the novel coronavirus pandemic has been a combination of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety for farmers and consumers alike as to what lies in store in the coming weeks. In this post, Sudha Narayanan provides a sense of current bottlenecks in the supply chains of food and agricultural produce, and makes recommendations for government action to get these back on track quickly.

Sudha Narayanan

Expert Gyan: Why Centre's Lockdown Relief Package for the Poor Is Not Enough

While a decent first step, it is unclear if it will provide the immediate relief needed. It also does little for the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who have been hit the hardest.