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Caremongers India offers help to those who are most at risk of health complications due to the virus , like the elderly, the disabled, those with pre-existing health conditions and anyone with an infant under a year.

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The Hotel can provide 500 /1000 packets every day. They are based out of Frazer town. Please call to confirm.

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Saman & Umair provide 200 food packets in following localities Ilyas Nagar, Kanaka Nagar,Chnadra Nagar ( lunch & dinner ). Please call to confirm.

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The team is collecting Dry ration and other items. Please call the team and they will guide you

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Silver Talkies, a social engagement platform for senior citizens in association with Sai Keshav, 22, a young volunteer from Bangalore and a group of his friends has taken the initiative to help seniors with a hassle-free self-quarantine period. It is predominantly covering areas in North, South and Central Bangalore. 

Things volunteers can help you with


1. Going to local shops and buying essential and critical items like medicines, fruits & vegetables and basic   groceries (milk, bread, rice, etc)
2. Make comfort/friendly calls to ensure seniors are in a healthy state of mind during this period of social distancing and self-isolation.
3. Research online information and provide correct information from authentic sources (only government and ICMR based information) to seniors to prevent unnecessary panic.
4. All volunteers must have their own vehicle (if they have opted to help deliver essentials), a mask and sanitizer.

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Saving One life is equivalent to saving Humanity


Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamualaikum wa Rahamatullah

Hope all of you are practising social distancing. May Allah protect us all.

This is an urgent appeal from Mercy Mission a federation of Bangalore Muslim NGO's, to feed the hungry in the slums due to the cessation of daily wages.

The following NGO's have taken upon themselves to provide ration kits worth Rs 1500/- to the needy who are identified personally with phone numbers by local volunteers with years of local area knowledge. We request every one to take care of the hungry as a religious obligation and a proof of our being Muslim. We are looking at 10000 kits immediately.

Please send your Sadaqat to any one of these NGO's

Best of you are those who feed others, Prophet Muhammad

On Behalf of Mercy Mission
Dr Taha Mateen

Jb Mohammed Sherief from Project Smile will do the Central Fund Coordination.

01. Millat relief Trust: Jb Feroze Abdullah

02. Lifeline Trust: Jb Ali Sharif

03. Project Smile: Jb Ummer

04. The United Foundation: Jb Habeeb

05. Humane touch: Tazaiyun apa

06. Hira Welfare Association: Jb Shameer

07.Thanal: Jb Safeer

08. Malabar Muslim Association: Jb Farook

09.Humanitarian Relief Society: Jb Zafarul Hasan

10. Jamaat e Islami: Jb Sheikh Haroon

11. Islamic information centre: Jb Zohaib

12.  HBS Hospital: Dr Zafarul Huq/ Dr Taha Mateen

13. Islamic Center, Valmiki Nagar, Mysore Rd:Dr Kazi Fakhruddin

14.VCT, Malleshpalya: Jb Anwar

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Sampark works with migrant construction workers and their children in Bangalore.  

With the spread of coronavirus and the resulting shutdown of cities,  migrant construction worker's are affected the most. They are unable to earn their daily wages, they cannot travel to their native villages either can they manage in cities without their salaries.  


Owing to the present health situation, Sampark has also temporarily closed creches for children of migrant workers following the Ministry of Education notice. This deprives children of their nutrition for the day as they will not be getting any meals from the creche. To overcome this, we are distributing nutrition kits for children and their families to take care of their nutrition needs. 

01. Prashant

02. Tridip

03. Kaushik

04. Arvind


01. Ramesh


Hasiru Dala has identified ~2500 vulnerable wastepickers’ families (no BPL/ration card, no public housing, no predictable income) in 6 cities/towns in Karnataka (Bengaluru, Mysuru, Tumakuru, Davanagere, Hubli/Dharawad)  and Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh who need immediate support.

We are seeking your funding support for providing care kits consisting of 25 kg of rice/wheat, 5 kg lentils, 2 litres of cooking oil, salt, chilli powder, ground nuts and 500 g of jaggery, as well as 2 bars of soap, with each kit costing around 1,600/- including transportation to their homes.

The bank details for transfer are:

Name on Account: Hasiru Dala
Savings Account #: 64132965349
Bank: State Bank of India, Cauvery Bhavan Branch, Bengaluru
IFSC: SBIN0003182

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