Aapti, a research institution, and Samvad Partners, an award-winning law firm, have jointly come up with LegalCovid, a web-based application to provide a database of federal as well as central regulations and other resources related to COVID-19.

The aim of the app is to help researchers, lawyers, journalists and other interested individuals to access notifications and orders issued by the Centre as well as the State governments from time to time on issues related to the fight posed against the pandemic.

The “Central” tab in the app liststhe notifications, regulations and orders issued by the Centre on the issue and those notifications had been listed in alphabetic order beginning from the aviation sector, followed by banks, education, energy and so on.

Similarly, the “States” tab contains an exhaustive list of notifications and orders issued by individual State governments and they too have been listed in an alphabetic order beginning from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal. Links to the relevant documents had been provided.

Apart from details regarding the Epidemic Diseases Act of 1867 and the Disaster Management Act of 2005, the app contains State-wise links to web portals through which people could apply for passes in view of the nationwide lockdown.

“Every State government in the country had been issuing multiple notifications and orders on COVID-19 and it was difficult for people to keep track of all those regulations. Therefore, we thought of coming up with a public resource,” says advocate Rohan George of Samvad.
We at Indcovidsupport hope that this might be of use to the users. Please note, We are not affiliated with the creators of the app, we merely piece things together so that the users can find the news they need to see.